E-Mail project

 Subject: Petition

To: gob@chile.cl

Dear (Mr.) President,

First of all, I don’t know if you will read this message, but in case you do, here’s the following;

Our country (Chile) has been under the look of almost every kind of disaster over the past few years, as you will know. when this hapens, we, the people, as the strong citizens we are; We rise. We never give up, because we’re strong. but there is one thing we can’t face withouth the government’s help; Criminals. the same people who rob, steal, vandalise and hurt us every day. Those are the ones we can’t fight alone. we need the army back on the streets, sir. We need the law to back US up, not THEM. We need more order on this country, Mr. President.

This goes with all my respect, sir; Imagine this situation: I am in the street, when my car gets suddenly robbed. I go chasing my car, and finally I stop the criminal. He gets down the car and tries to attack me, but I punch him before he does it (for self defense) And he gets injured. Who gets a “free ticket” for prison? Me or the robber? ME!

As I said before, this goes with 100% respect, but the laws today are ridiculous, sir. This country is screaming for a change. We can’t continue being knows as the indians of America. That needs to stop.

Now, I and the SCPUC (Sociedad Chilena Por Un Cambio), kindly ask you, as the president of the Chilean Republic, to sign our petition for introducing our project to the senate chamber, where they will hopefully approve it. Further from that, I would like for you to prepare a new constitution. our actual constitution drastically favors the criminals, and protects them. The original, unmodified constitution created during Pinochet’s Government was OK, but now it’s changed a lot. and I want to change that. Besides that, I hope you have a very nice weekend.


José Ignacio Comas Sáez


NO to free education.

In the last years, many, but many people have argued about a special topic: Free Education.

From my perspective, this is way wrong. I have a lot of statements to declare Right here, Right now.

the gov’s idea is to give free education to people with less resourses, which angers me a lot. why should the people with more resources should pay poor people’s education?

90% of wealthy people get the ir money by their own media, WORKING. Why should they pay education for people who Don’t work  (in most cases) or do not effort enough to get enough money? A lot of them spend an important ammount of money on drugs and alcohol. Why are wealthy people paying the irresponsibilities of people we haven’t even met?

What a better way to archieve equality than giving this right to everyone?

Informal letter

8051 Suiteside Dr, FL

Dear Jake,
Since last year, when you departed to USA, I haven’t really communicated with you, so I’ll talk about plenty of stuff with you.
School has been as boring as always, but it’s just not the same without you… We’re preparing for the Copa América, and we will see the matches in the school gym!
How has your life been? Do you like your new life in Florida? My family is doing ok. They miss you too! Did I tell you we bought a brand new 80″ TV? It’s amazing😎!!! I really hope we can meet at Disneyworld some day!! I’m going to Florida on November, so then we can meet each
Your friend,

Interview Script

imageHere is the script for Ms. Victoria’s evaluation. (Some minimal parts from the script were changed at the making of the video.)

J:John       B: Bernard

J : Now, we are at the outside of Bernard’s house, awaiting him yo open the door (door opens).

B: Hello! come in, come in (scene cut)

J: Well I must say what a nice home!

B: Thank you! this house took a lot of time and money invested in it.

J: Let’s get to the point, can I ask you some questions?

B: Who are you? the FBI? are you coming to arrest me? (gets interrupted suddenly by John)

J: No, no, no ! we came from scotland yard to interview you about “life things”

B: Oh, sure! do you want something to drink?

J: Well some water will be nice

B: what about Belgium Beer?

J:Ok! ( Bernard claps and a servant brings “beer”)

B: Well and the questions?

J: Oh, yeah sure. Well, first were you coinsouous about what were you doing the “stuff” in the mutual founds?

B: Well, I was going trough a hard moment…

J: Ok. emm … do you regret about that?

B: In part… Because it was a surely a thing I woudn’t do nowdays, but… It’s a lesson for the us goberment.

J: Yeah, a lot of people say that, how much did you rob?

B: Emm… like 200 million, but was robbed like 45 million.

J: Oh, well… and I’ve heard you said that prison in general was like a hotel, why?

B: Well, I’ve been to a lot of worse places.

J: Well, I see you here, at your vacation home at the age of 63…seems life has treated you well. Hasn’t it?

B:  Yeah, I have a confy life, but I sadly suffer from MRSA…

J: Oh, … I’m really sorry…

B: But hopefully I will live some more years.

J: And what about your trial back in the 70’s?

B: Well… The judge sentenced me to 11 months in Genebra…

J: Well… I guess that’s it for today…

B: It’s been very pleasing having you here!

J: Bye!

Bernard Cornfeld

Prominent businessman born in Turkey who rose to fame when he mismanaged one of the most financial successes of his era, IOS, on the US mutual funds.

motif: avarice.

Place: US and Switzerland.

Traces or signature: Some of the things he did.

How was he caught: accusement.

Death cause: MRSA.

religion: Jewish

jail: 11 months on Geneva.

Diary entry

April 14th, 2015


Well, today, since I woke up from my coffin, everything has changed… People haven’t visited me since then. It could be because I’m a vampire, and today there is full moon. Well, maybe. I’m not sure. I’ve felt some changes, I only want… Blood. I remember things, like…  When my mother was killed…

I heard things… Bloody Strange things. I heard the voice of a woman saying “will you come? Will you?” Never mind. As I have been a vampire for short, I’m still not accostumed at looking myself at the mirror and just seeing the room… Huh, scary… To satisfy my thirst for blood I went to eat some meat. I just wanted blood, blood… So high was my desire that the meat was left almost white… As it was cloudy, I went to walk a bit. People died. A lot of em’. While I was walking, a disgusting man asked “will you stop sucking blood man?!” He died. And I laughed a lot over his dead body. I was very tired I went back to the castle. And here I am now… Waiting for the dinner. I’m hungry, so… Bye.